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Replace Hearing Aid filters

Filters Hearing aid replaced difficult? No certainly not, but important! To guarantee a longer lifespan, it is important to replace the filters of a hearing aid on time. By replacing these filters, you prevent an excess of earwax (cerumen), so that the hearing aid would be clogged.

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Replace Hearing Aid filters in 6 steps

Replacing hearing aid filters is fairly simple. Certainly with the short step-by-step plan below. In this we explain step by step how to replace the filters.
  1. Pack the hearing aid at the speaker.
  2. Draw the Dome with your thumb and forefinger. This makes the filter visible.
  3. Pack a black stick from the hearing aid filters packaging.
  4. Push the side with the black end in the SPEAKER filter. Then pull it out again. The old filter is now deleted.
  5. Then push the white side of the stick in the speaker and then pull it out again. This automatically places the new filter in the speaker.
  6. Place the dome back and the device is ready for use!
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When filters replace hearing aid?

It is different per person how often the hearing aid filters must be replaced. For one person it is necessary to replace these filters on a weekly basis, where another person may make this monthly. This depends on the amount of earwax that a person creates. A too much of this has a probationary consequence. When the filter is clogged, it will no longer work optimally. If the hearing aid no longer works well or even does nothing at all, there are often two reasons. For example, the batteries can be (most occurring) or the filters are clogged. When thebatteriesof your hearing aid still be good but you still experience problems, it is advisable to replace the filter of your hearing aid.