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LISA System as a hearing solution

The products that are part of a LISA system are intended for various hearing solutions. Problems with hearing a doorbell, telephone, smoke detector or alarm clock are a thing of the past. Struijk Online offers the solution for the most important hearing problems with the various wake-up and warning systems. This means you live independently and carefree in your own house longer.

What is a Lisa system?

TheLisa systemis a hearing solution for the deaf and hard of hearing and consists of one or more channels / detectors. This allows you to connect one or more recipients to your own choice, so that you can notice an alarm clock, doorbell or smoke detector on the basis of flash or vibrating signals.


With the Lisa’s wake and warning systems you are always accessible. This does not belong to important devices in the house definitively past time. In particular at work and in your own home, the products of Lisa are added value.

Always accessible:

Make sure you are always accessible. Make use of the wireless doorbell with receiver. When the call is called, the receiver will automatically vibrate or flash (depending on the type) so that you never miss the bell. A receiver is also available for the phone so that you no longer have to miss a phone call. Do you have (small) children? Such options are also available for a baby monitor!

a safe house / office:

Safety in the house is of course crucial. With the products of the Lisa system you can always feel at home with a safe feeling. With the Lisa RF smoke detector you will be warned immediately at smoke development. Loud audio signals are combined with flash signals. In addition, motion sensors are also available, which warn your warning in a certain place.

How does it work?

There are two different options that are often used, namely the RF flash lamp and RF vibrating receiver. Both receivers each have their own signal source, so that a separate rhythm of flashes and vibrations is also possible. The source of the signal is passed on by various colored lights. As a result, you recognize which device goes off. For example, an incoming phone call can get a blue flashing light and a smoke detector an orange light. The products can always be used via power stream. Some loose recipients also work on a battery.

Custom advice

It may be difficult to choose such a system yourself. Our professional specialists are of course ready for you. TakeContactWith us and ask for the possibilities. We are happy to advise you!