cannot hear well is not pleasant. Certainly not during certain situations, for example when your baby cries or picks up the package delivery. Fortunately, various wake-up and warning are hearing solutions.

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Baby monitor for hard-hearing

Do you have a baby yourself or do you regularly fit a baby? Then it is important that you can hear him or her at any time. TheMona baby monitor camerais a baby monitor with an audio and video system. Despite your hearing impairment, you can not only hear sounds from the baby room but also see through theVideo receiver.

Doorbell for hard-hearing

By using the doorbell you know that someone is at the door. For example the packets of delivery or visitors. It is annoying if you can't hear the sound of the doorbell well so you can wait people unintentionally. There are different hearing solutions to remedy this problem.

doorbell with light and vibrating system

To not miss the doorbell signal, you can use a (wireless) amplifier that reinforces the sound of your doorbell. You can also choose a vibrating system. With the vibrating system you must wear a receiver with you that transmits vibrations when called to be called, for example via a watch or smartphone. At theIbell2< / span>you can use the vibration function of your smartphone. TheVisutone doorbell amplifieris an example of a light system. The visutone draws you through light flashes and sound that is called.


In and around your house, several situations are conceivable where it is useful when you notice the sound. In addition to the doorbell and your baby, it is also nice and safe to hear your alarm clock or smoke detector. TheLisa Systemis a hearing solution for hearing impaired and deaf and consists of one or more channels on which you can connect recipients. This allows you to hear the important devices in-house well.

RF flash lamp and vibrating receiver

theRF flash lampand RF vibrating receiver are two options that are often used. Because these receivers have their own signal source, a separate rhythm of vibrations and flashes is possible. On the basis of colored lights you can see which device goes off at a glance. Are you curious which wake or warning system best suits your situation? We are happy to help you with personal advice. Our specialists are also ready to put together the LISA system. TakeContactWith us and ask for the possibilities.