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Ring line for your hearing aid

A ring line is an additional tool for hearing impaired. The product provides extra support when listening to a specific sound source. Consider, for example, radio or television, but also to concerts and performances. With a ring line you can listen to the source at a regular level, without having to suffer from this. Struijk Audiciens is happy to help you further.

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What does a ring line cost?

There is no clear picture about the cost of a ring line. In some cases the insurance reimburses this complete. In addition, various systems and variants are available. What ring line is most suitable for you?Contact uswith our specialists and be informed.

How does a ring line work?

A ring line creates a magnetic field, which is recognized by your hearing aid. The annular cable is connected to a ring ledger enhancer. This is then connected to the source device, such as a radio or TV. You decide how the ring line is laid. This can also go through floors or baseboards.

Mobile ring line

Even when you are outdoors, you must be able to hear optimally. For this Struijk AudiSens has a mobile ring line available. This way you can keep hearing well in large spaces. The mobile ring lines are easy to operate. In addition, the products are ready for use in no time, making them ideal for temporary installations.

Laying ring line at home

Your own house must of course be provided with the optimal tools. This is possible with a ring line for at home! This system consists of an amplifier and an induction loop. With the loop a certain space is indicated, in which a magnetic field is then created. Within this field you can optimally enjoy radio or TV.

Creating a ring line at home can in principle be possible, but we can of course also do this for you.

Do you want to know more about ring management systems or inquire about the possibilities? Then takeContactwith us.