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TV solutions for hearing impaired

Looking at television cannot be pleasant for you as hard of hearing. Perhaps it is recognizable that you are increasing the volume but that you still understand little of your favorite TV program. Struijk Online offers various TV solutions so that you can enjoy watching the TV again.

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Watch TV with hearing loss

With a TV hearing system you can follow your favorite TV program in a relaxed way. This system works with a receiver and transmitter. You wear the receiver with him and the channel connects you to the TV.


When you connect the transmitter to your TV, it will send the sound from the TV to receiver. This can be aChin bracketorNecklus. The chin bracket is headphones with which you can get the TV again in an easy way. You can set the desired volume and balance via the chin bracket. Struijk Online has various chinets in its range of the Sennheiser brands and Sonumaxx.


Are you wearing a hearing aid? Then we recommend the neck loop. Struijk Online offers you various neck loops and associated accessories from the Phonak brands, Oticon, Widex, Sennheiser and Sonumaxx. By wearing a neck loop, the sound of the television is passed on to your hearing aid. Set your hearing aid to the T position and set the desired sound reinforcement. As a result, you will be the only one worked and you can still watch television with a group.

Ring line

In addition to chin brackets and neck loops, you can also go to Struijk Online forRing linesfor your hearing aid. A ring line is a hearing aid that gives you extra support when listening to a specific sound source. This can be the television, but also the radio, shows or other events.

Are you curious which TV solution works best for your personal situation? Then takeContact< span style = "font-weight: 400;">With us. We are happy to help you with personal and expert advice.