Despite your hearing impairment enjoy audio? Struijk Online offers various hearing solutions. You can use some hearing aids without your hearing aid and help you to better understand certain things. Other hearing solutions are just intended to be used with your hearing aids. In this way you can listen to music, radio or television without problems.

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Headphones for hearing impaired

When your hearing deteriorates, it is more difficult to enjoy music and the television or radio. It is then tempting to put the audio harder. But this is not always pleasant for your environment. A headset or ears can then be a good solution. You can then set the desired volume yourself. Struijk Online has various sennheiser hearing solutions in its assortment: headphones with wiring or wireless and various earbuds.

Accessoriesfor hearing impaired

In addition to headphones and ears, Struijk delivers useful accessories for hearing aids online. From audio cables to various receivers. And from channels to audio shoe. Struijk Online offers accessories from different, strong brands. Think of Phonak, Widex, Introson, Sennheiser, Sonumaxx, Swing, RESOUND and Oticon. With theConnectline Remote ControlFrom Oticon you can easily put your oticon hearing aid harder or softer and select various listening programs.

Roger Hearing aids: Roger Pen

It is annoying when you cannot follow a call if your conversation partner cannot understand properly. A listening assistance then offers a solution, such as Roger's hearing aids. TheRoger Pen< / a>is a handy, wireless microphone for various situations. You can use the Roger pen for remote conversations, in noise environments, for telephone calls or when using multimedia devices.

Microphones for hard-hearing

In addition to the Roger Pen, you can go to Struijk Online for various microphones and associated phonak accessories and oticon accessories, for example the
ConnectLineMicrophone from Oticon. This is a clip microphone with which you can still carry one-to-one conversations in difficult listening situations.

Do you want more information about the audio hearing aids from Struijk Online? Then takeContact< span style = "font-weight: 400;">With us. We are happy to help you further.