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Flash alarm clock

The flash alarm clock is the ideal hearing solution for the deaf and hard of hearing when going to awaken. By issuing various light flashes you will be awakened without noise. Even the most fixed sleepers are not resistant to the flash alarm.

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How does a flash alarm work?

A flash alarm clock ensures that you can be awakened without sound. By giving various flashing signals, you are awakened in a quiet way. If this is not enough, you still have the option to connect a vibration plate. You can place this under your pillow. When the alarm goes off, the flashes will be supported by vibrations that arrive at the vibrating disc.

Other alarm clocks for hearing impaired

If a flash alarm is not the ideal option for you, Struijk Online also offers other alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing. Such asvibrating devices,< a href = " tools/wekkers/digitale-wkker/" target = "_ blank" ri = "noopener">digital alarm clocksandvibrators specially for traveling.