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Sleeping earplugs

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important. But what should you do if you suffer from ambient noise or a partner who snores? Then his sleep earplugs a good solution. The earplugs of Struijk online ensure that your ambient noise is banned.

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earplugs during sleeping

With the sleeping earplugs from Struijk Online, shield your ears from disturbing sounds. At the same time, it is very important that these ear plugs do not complete your ear completely. You must be able to perceive essential sounds, such as the sound of an alarm clock. Or in severe cases: the release of a fire alarm.

When I need hearing protection during sleeping

In addition to good nutrition and sufficient exercise, good sleep is also of great importance. You need night rest to be able to do your daily work during the day. Unfortunately, there may be disturbing factors so that you fall asleep bad or remain asleep. Consider:

  • ambient noise: noisy neighbors, unrest in the residential area or holiday destination and longitudinal traffic
  • a snoring partner
  • irregular sleeping times (working in shifts or student life)

Also for people who sleep slightly and quickly wake up from ambient noise are an ideal solution.

From which sleep earplugs can I choose?

At Struijk you can choose from standard ear plugs and tailor-made earplugs. Do you sleep poorly and do you want to try or earplugs you can help? Then start with standard earbuds. These ear plugs grant considerably in the cost compared to tailor-made earplugs. In addition, you will receive four different sizes (S, M, L and XL) in the package and a set of filters. You can then try to fit the size of your ears yourself.

Are you not satisfied with the operation of the standard earplugs? You are welcome in one of ourLocationsfor custom earplugs.

Standard earplugs for sleeping

At Struijk Online we are happy to work with the NOIZEZZ brand. If you want to wear earplugs while sleeping, we recommend theNoizezz Premium Purple mildto:< / p>

  • safe and do not stick from the ear
  • no sealed feeling in the ear
  • cushioning up to 17 db
  • Speech intelligibility remains optimal

custom earplugs for sleeping

The tailor-made earplugs for Sleeping of Struijk have completely eroded. In this way they are comfortable when wearing. These ear plugs also contain a filter.

The earplugs tailored to Struijk:

  • have a perfect fit
  • are made from extra soft silicone
  • ensure a ventilation of the ear canal
  • does not contain excellent parts
  • you can easily get in and out of your ears

tailor-made earplugs for sale from basic € 110 to professional € 165, -

Why is wearing ear plugs important while sleeping?

A bad night's sleep is not only annoying. It can also lead to small and major problems. Consider:

  • (severe) fatigue
  • Stress
  • overweight
  • Concentration and memory loss
  • cardiovascular disease

Do you want more information about the earplugs of Struijk Online? You canContactwith us. We are happy to help you!