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Children’s earplugs

You prefer to protect your children. Also for hearing loss. The hearing of a child is very sensitive. You can protect your child’s hearing through the use of good and reliable children’s earplugs. That is why we offer earplugs for children. These are in very good quality and can be used for different situations.

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earache while flying

Nothing is as annoying as children pain experienced in the ear. For example when your child travel by plane. Paper difference can be created in the plane that causes ear pain. With the earplugs of Struijk Online you prevent this annoying pain in your child's ear.

Earplugs Child at swimming

During the weekly swimming lesson or a wonderful holiday, water can irritate in your child's ears. By wearing the earplugs of Struijk Online, the water is stopped and the inside of the ears remains dry.

Ear plugs against hard sounds

Protect your child against hard sounds is not easy. Sometimes a situation or environment cannot be avoided. Consider the fireworks during New Year's Eve. The hard music during a wedding party. A performance by your child's music association. Or a renovation at home.

Sometimes the decibels literally fly around your ears and around your child's ears. Offer the children's earplugs from Struijk online than outcome. Because our earplugs stop noises, they are also suitable for a good night's sleep.

Children's earplugs at concentration problems

Does your child suffer from concentration problems at school? Much or hard sound can be an obstacle to your child's performance. Your child can become overrogated and to deal with concentration loss. The earplugs of Struijk Online mute the ambient noise so that your child can work undisturbed and learn.