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Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids ensure that you never have to replace a battery again. These hearing aids make you a daily charger. As a result, you no longer have a hearing aid that fails suddenly. A rechargeable hearing aid is available in several variants. There is a choice between a fixed or interchangeable battery. Below you will find all rechargeable hearing aids from Struijk Online.

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Why buy a rechargeable hearing aid?

Rechargeable hearing aids use a built-in battery that is charged via a charging station. This means you never have to replace the battery of your hearing aid again. In addition to the advantage of convenience, less waste is produced, so that the environment is less affected. Due to the newest generation batteries, the useful life is also 40% longer than with traditional batteries.

fully rechargeable devices

The fully rechargeable hearing aids, as the name suggests, can be fully charged. With a full battery, most hearing aids go around two days. Regular use is assumed. When you listen a lot of music or perform phone calls from your hearing aid, the useful life is lower. These devices often charge you at night, where the device is automatically switched off.

Partially rechargeable devices

In addition to the fully rechargeable devices, there are also variants that can be used both with and without battery. If the battery is empty, then it is possible to place a battery or vice versa. Please note that the charger often has to be purchased separately.

Is a fee possible?

The rechargeable hearing aids fall outside the category. This also does not qualify for reimbursement from the basic insurance. On the other hand, it is possible to get additional tools reimbursed from supplementary insurance. View allInformation about reimbursements.

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids

Phonakwas the first manufacturer that brought a rechargeable hearing aid on the market. There are now various models with each other properties, so that you always find a rechargeable hearing aid that suits you. Can you make a choice hard yourself? Then takeContactwith us. Our specialists are happy to advise you! Whatever choice you make. At Struijk you always receive a five-year warranty.