Phones for hearing impaired

Phones for hearing impaireds ensure that you hear better during a telephone conversation. The sound is reinforced. In addition, the background noise is also reduced. This type of phones is also suitable for the elderly and seniors.

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Cordless telephone for hard-hearing

Struijk Online offers various cordless telephones, such as, for example, the Phone Dex 2. This phone for hearing impaired is very user-friendly. The operation is actually equal to a normal telephone, which means that it is simple and quick to use. The advantage of this type of phones is that you can easily take it to another room.

Wired telephones for hard-hearing

A wired phone is a suitable option for use in a place. There are models with both light and heavy reinforcements available. Adjust the volume of conversations so that nothing remains unnoticed.

Phone amplifier

There are also appropriate solutions for the road. There are loosephone amplifiersthat can be linked to a phone. These ensure that the volume and the sound are adaptable.

Mobile phone for the hearing impaired

Independence is becoming increasingly important. Bluetooth solutions are available to ensure a better telephone conversation on the way. View or test these products? Come along in one ofOur stores.

Text telephones

When calling a telephone for hearing impairing does not yet have enough solution, a text phone is the solution. This converts spoken words into text. Conversely, this works the same. When a message is typed back, the receiver receives this as a spoken text. More information about text telephones? Now takeContact.