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Oticon hearing aids

Oticon is the specialist in high quality hearing aids. Through rapid developments they offer an excellent product for noisy environments. Struijk Online offers various types of oticon hearing aids. As a result, you will always find a hearing aid that suits you.

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About Oticon

Oticon is the leader in high-quality hearing aids. The Danish brand is a specialist in the latest innovations and solution for hard-hearing. Oticon hearing aids offer a unique 360 ​​degree sound, provided that a natural listening experience is offered.

Behind the ear hearing aids from Oticon

Hearing aids sitting behind the ear are connected to the earpiece via a tube. The ear piece is placed in the ear. As a result, the device has been beautifully eliminated. Theoticon Hearing aids for behind the earare suitable for most types of hearing loss. The operation on all hearing aids is very user-friendly. As a result, you are so used to an Oticon hearing aid.

Oticon in the ear hearing aids

Hearing aids in the ear are all parts in one place. Both the microphone, amplifier and battery. The device is therefore completely in the ear in this case.the oticon Hearing aids for in the earoffer a high listening quality. The hearing aids make a distinction between speech and noise. As a result, a lot of noise falls away.

Accessories for an Oticon Hearing Aid

Several extras are available next to the oticon hearing aid itself. This gives you the most out of your hearing aid.

oticon on app

With this app you can easily operate your oticon hearing aid. For example, adjust the volume, change of program or check how full the battery is still.

connect clip oticon

Change your oticon hearing aid in a wireless stereo headset. This allows you to make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smartphone.

connectline tv adapter< / a>

Without the intervention of third equipment you can enjoy the stereo sound of the television or sound system with the Oticon TV adapter 3.0. The adapter transmits the sound directly to your hearing aid. So you enjoy the purest sound to a distance of 15 meters.