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alarm clocks for hard-hearing

When you are hard of hearing or deaf, a standard alarm clock is often not enough. Struijk Audiciens offers a customized solutions when it comes to alarm clocks for hearing impaired. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and is easily awakened by our vibrating devices, flashoggers or alarm clocks with reinforced sounds from now on you never reject!

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How do alarm clocks work for hard-hearing and deaf?

There are various variants in alarm clocks for hard-hearing and deaf, each with its own effect. Below you will find various hearing aids and its operation.


This alarm clock is placed under the pillow and set to the desired time. When going off, the alarm clock gives vibrations, so you wake up.

Digital alarm clock

The digital alarm clock is often expandable with additional functions that are specifically for hearing impaired and deaf. This way you can choose a vibration function, flash function or for alarm clocks with extra hard sound.

Flash alarm clock

The flash alarm clocks you by handling various light flashes, so even the most fixed sleepers wake up. In addition, flash devices are often expanded with a vibration plate.

Vibrator for traveling

Even when you travel as a deaf or hard of hearing, you want to be awakened on time. There are special vibrating devices for this. These small variants can be easy to carry.