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Hearing aids for the hearing impaired and deaf

Struijk Online is a specialist in the field of hearing aids. These products are an important tool for the deaf and hard of hearing. There are many variants that help you to hear better. We explain to you which variations are there.

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Solo equipment

Sounds from the area can be a jammer. With solo equipment there is always a microphone and a receiver. The hearing impaired person is near the recipient, where the speaker is near the microphone. As a result, you do not experience any ambient noise. The sound can be received on headphones and hearing aids. When using with a hearing aid, in some cases you need an extension, such as a neckline. With various hearing aids, it is also possible to make a wireless link. Solo equipment is also suitable for children.

TV and audio hearing aids

Chin bracket

achin bracketis a smart one Solution for, for example, listening to TV or radio. For this you needno hearing aid, when using a chin bracket set with a transmitter. You wear ears that automatically take over the sound of the device. Because your ears are closed, you can enjoy the sound optimal.


Another option is to use aneck loop. Here too the sound is transferred to a receiver. The signal is then converted, causing the hearing aid to capture it. The neck loop is what the signal receives and sends.

Ring line

With a ring line, the sound is sent to the hearing aid within a certain space. This solution ensures that the environment always remains audible.Ring linesare compatible with almost all hearing aids. The ring line is one of the large hearing aids.


If you are moderately hard of hearing you can enjoy audio extra by using aSennheiser headphones. These headphones are available both with and without wire. Powerful and clear sound is guaranteed here. Because the headphones close the ears properly, you experience little problems from the environment when you wear a hearing aid.

Roger Microphones

Phonak Roger has various products that help you to be better. TheRoger penis a solution for various situations with Many ambient noise. For example, you use the pen in a restaurant, on a birthday or on the road. The microphone recognizes the speaker and reinforces the signal, so you can hear up to 62% better in busy environments. If you are looking for solution for hard-hearing individuals in the office, theRoger Table Mic IIthe ideal solution. This microphone automatically recognizes multiple speakers. The Roger microphones are one of the most popular hearing aids under auditors.

Phones for the hearing impaired

You stay in touch with friends, family and other acquaintances via the phone quickly and easily. Struijk Online has variousphones for hard-hearing. By means of a phone with amplifier you can better understand the person on the other side of the line. In addition, the background noise is weakened. The phones are both with and without wire.

alarm clocks for hearing impaired

Struijk Audiciens offers a customized solutions when it comes toalarm clocks for hearing impaired. When you are hard of hearing or deaf, a standard alarm clock is often not enough. A good night's sleep is subtly terminated by our vibrating devices, flash devices or alarm clocks with reinforced sounds. Sleeping is a thing of the past!


Safety and comfort is of great importance to everyone. If you are at home as a hearing impaired and do not wear a hearing aid, this does not mean that you are less safe. Struijk Online offers variousWake and warning systemsfor, for example, a doorbell, telephone, baby monitor or smoke detector . Through vibrations, reinforced sounds or light flashes you will receive a signal from a certain event in time.