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Hearing aid Batteries

Hearing aids use special hearing aid batteries. Struijk Online offers a quality assortment batteries in various types. This way you will always find the product you are looking for.

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How long are hearing aid batteries?

Optimal batteries for your hearing aid

Almost all batteries that we sell are from the Rayovac and Power One brand. These batteries are recommended by our professional auditors because they guarantee optimum quality of your hearing aid. You therefore do well to use these batteries in combination with yourHearing aidby Struijk AudiSens.

Batteries hearing aid 312

The best-selling batteries are the extra advanced type 312 batteries. You recognize this to the brown packaging. The big advantage of this hearing aid312 Batteriesis that they last longer . In addition, the performance remains constant at level.

Batteries hearing aid replaced

The batteries of your hearing aid go for a certain time. An average lifespan of a hearing aid battery is between 3 and 16 days. To keep hearing properly, you must replace the batteries of your hearing aid at certain times.

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Hearing aid Batteries Subscription

If you do not constantly think about how long your batteries go, Struijk Online has the perfect solution. With the Battery subscription, Struijk ensures that you will automatically receive new batteries for your hearing aid at home every 6 months. Interested? View thehearing aid batteries subscription.